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Code of conduct.

Our code of conduct epitomizes our dedication to quality education. All coaches must adhere to its values, fostering professionalism, integrity, and student well-being.

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Requirements to become a coach.

This is what our coaches should bring to the table. We are dedicated to academic excellence, and so should our ideal candidate also be. If you meet these criteria, we're looking for you!

1) Holding a PhD or pursuing one
Applicants must either have already obtained a PhD degree or be actively enrolled in a PhD program, demonstrating advanced expertise in their field of study.
2) Studying at top-tier university
We prioritize candidates from renowned institutions (according to Finanical Times ranking), ensuring that our coaches bring a high standard of education and are well-versed with rigorous academic environments.
3) Supervision of more than 10 students
Prior experience is key. Candidates should have mentored or supervised at least 10 students in academic settings, showing they possess the necessary mentorship skills and understanding of student needs.
4) One paper published or submitted
To ensure academic credibility, candidates should have at least one research paper either published in a reputable journal or submitted for review. This demonstrates active engagement in the academic community and expertise in research.
5) Passion for teaching
More than just a job, teaching should be a calling for our coaches. Candidates should be genuinely passionate about imparting knowledge, helping students understand complex topics, and driving academic success.
6) Availability and flexibility
We expect our coaches to be responsive and adaptable. This means being available for scheduled sessions, accommodating occasional changes, and ensuring timely communication with students.