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Guide to successful coaching: Your questions answered.

All you need to know about joining and thriving as a coach. Empowering educators to reach their full potential.

General information

Earnings & payments

Scheduling & availability

Training & support


Frequently asked questions explained easily. You have another question and can't find the answer? Send our support team an uncomplicated message on WhatsApp +49 151 5900 8798 and we will answer you immediately.

General information

1) Can anyone become a coach on our platform?
No. We specifically seek coaches who are pursuing or have already earned a PhD. We only list coaches from top-tier universities.
2) How does the registration process work?
The registration process involves submitting your CV and relevant academic documents, an interview, a contract signing, training, and then starting as a coach.
3) How can I register as a coach?
You can register by submitting your application and required documents through our platform or by sending them via email.
4) In what way do I cooperate with RyT as a coach?
You will work as a freelancer with RyT and provide quality coaching to students. We take care of the administration, from setting up a SharePoint to coordinating online meetings, so you can fully concentrate on coaching.

Earnings and payments

5) How can I earn money as a coach on this platform?
Each of our exceptional coaches receives a compensation of EUR40/h. This rate covers all aspects of their work, from preparation and proofreading to the actual 1-on-1 coaching session.
6) How much can I expect to earn per month?
Your monthly salary depends on the number of hours you work. You can flexibly decide how many hours you want to work per month and how many students you want to supervise. We offer you a competitive salary.
7) When is my payment processed?
Payments are made on a monthly basis. Once we receive an invoice from a coach, the payment is dispatched within the following 30 days. Please keep your bank details current on our platform to ensure prompt payment.
8) How do I handle payments and invoices?
We provide an invoice template for you to complete and sign at the end of each month. Once we receive an invoice from a coach, the payment is dispatched within the following 30 days.
9) Do I need to report my earnings to the tax authorities or social security?
Yes, you are obliged to report your freelance work as a coach at Rock your Thesis to your local tax office. Social security contributions are not levied on this income.

Scheduling and availability

10) How do I get matched with students?
Our team conducts an initial onboarding call with every student. Following this call, they curate a shortlist of coaches that align with the student's thesis topic, specific needs, and research methodology. We then reach out to these shortlisted coaches to gauge their interest and availability. To avoid any conflicts, we ensure that coaches and students from the same university are not paired together.
11) What if a student cancels a session? Will I still be paid?
If a student cancels a session more than 72 hours prior to the appointment, coaches will not receive payment. However, for cancellations made within the 72-hour window leading up to the session, coaches will be compensated with EUR15. The specific terms regarding this will be outlined in your contract.
12) What if I need a break or vacation?
At the start of each month, coaches must provide an overview of their availability for the upcoming 8 weeks. Once you've committed to coaching a student during a specified time frame, it's expected that you will complete the engagement.

Training and support

13) How can I unlock myself for one-on-one coaching?
After completing our mandatory training sessions and meeting the required criteria, you are ready for one-on-one coaching. If you have any questions left, you can contact us at any time.
14) How does the training for coaches work?
If needed, we offer comprehensive training material to equip you with the necessary tools and methods for effective online coaching. Live sessions are available for addressing any queries.
15) What support is available if I have questions or encounter issues?
Our dedicated coach support team is available to assist you at any time. Whether you have technical issues, academic concerns, or any other questions, we're here to help.

Professional conduct

16) What should I do if a student asks for my personal contact details?
Refrain from sharing personal contact details. Direct them to communicate through the tools that are provided by us. Protecting your privacy is paramount.
17) Is there a Code of Conduct or guidelines I need to follow?
Yes, all coaches must adhere to our comprehensive Code of Conduct, ensuring professional and ethical behaviour in all interactions.
18) Do I need to inform the platform about any significant changes in my qualifications or personal circumstances?
Yes, you should promptly notify us of any substantial changes in your personal circumstances, qualifications, or any other relevant information.