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Code of conduct

Our code of conduct for our coaches.

Our coaches adhere to ethical & professional standards. Professionalism & student well-being are top priorities.

General conduct

Allowed practices

Ethical standards

Compliance & enforcement

Code of conduct.

Our code of conduct epitomizes our dedication to quality education. All coaches must adhere to its values, fostering professionalism, integrity, and student well-being.


Your role as a coach is instrumental in shaping the academic future of students. This code of conduct serves as a beacon of ethical and professional behavior. By joining our platform, you are committing to uphold these values, ensuring a productive, safe, and reputable learning environment.

I. General conduct



Maintain a professional and friendly demeanor, reflecting our vibrant ethos.


Use appropriate and professional language, steering clear of slang or inappropriate speech.


Ensure a distraction-free and organized learning environment.

Technical readiness

Ensure all hardware, software, and teaching tools are functional and you are familiar with their features.

Integrity & respect


Foster inclusivity and prohibit discrimination based on gender, origin, religion, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics.

Clear communication

Keep an open channel with both students and our platform's team.

Constructive feedback

Offer constructive and detailed feedback to students to nurture positive relationships.


Do not meet students outside of scheduled meetings or contact them outside of our designated channels.


Refrain from belittling, patronizing, or making inappropriate comments to students.

Safety & well-being

Student welfare

Prioritize the safety of students and immediately report any concerns.


Safeguard all personal and academic information. Avoid sharing personal contact details or any confidential student data without consent.

Substance use

Refrain from consuming cigarettes, alcohol, or illegal substances during or immediately before online meetings.

Unacceptable relationships

Abstain from establishing inappropriate relationships with students.



Always be on time for online meetings and dial in at least five minutes beforehand.


Regularly update your availability in our scheduling tools.


Promptly reply to all messages from students and our team.

Personal information accuracy

Ensure that all your personal information on our platform is current and accurate.

Resource utilization

Use subject-specific groups and tools exclusively for educational purposes, like sharing resources.

II. Allowed practices for coaches

In order to ensure the academic integrity and growth of students, coaches are encouraged and allowed to engage in the following practices.

Educate on processes & methods

As a coach, you will guide students through relevant academic processes and methods, ensuring that they understand basic concepts and techniques.

Proofreading & feedback

As a coach, you proofread sections of the final paper to provide guidance on linguistic accuracy and adherence to academic standards. You also provide constructive feedback to ensure that students use a correct structure.

Promote originality

While coaches are there to support and guide, it is imperative that the final thesis is the student's own work. coaches should emphasize the importance of originality and academic honesty. coaches are encouraged to guide students in citing sources correctly and avoiding plagiarism.

Empower decision-making

Instead of directly providing answers, coaches should foster critical thinking by asking probing questions, guiding discussions, and allowing students to come to conclusions on their own.

III. Compliance and enforcement

Non-compliance with this Code of Conduct may result in removal from our platform. Severe violations could lead to legal consequences. By registering with us, you pledge to maintain the values outlined here, ensuring every student experiences beneficial, safe, and respectful education. Thank you for prioritizing excellence, integrity, and student well-being. Together, we are building a world-class educational platform.