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Everything you need to know about Rock your Thesis, our coaches, and our coaching service.

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Frequently asked questions explained easily. You have another question and can't find the answer? Send our support team an uncomplicated message on WhatsApp +49 151 5900 8798 and we will answer you immediately.

General information

1) What is Rock your Thesis?
Rock your Thesis is a digital platform designed to connect students with experienced coaches for guidance in writing academic theses. Our service focuses on finding the ideal coach match for each student's specific thesis needs.
2) Who created Rock your Thesis?
Rock your Thesis was conceptualized at the University of St.Gallen. Launched in October 2023, our platform is endorsed by several academic institutions, including the University of Cologne and the European Union. Learn more about our team in the 'About Us' section.
3) Who can use Rock your Thesis?
Rock your Thesis is open to all students engaged in writing an academic thesis. Our diverse team of coaches specializes in various domains and research methodologies.
4) Do you offer support in specific academic fields or subjects?
Yes, our primary focus is on natural, economics, engineering and business-related topics. Our coaches are experts in fields such as accounting, marketing, information systems, taxation, international business, and more. However, as our coaches are all experienced in well-known research methods, they can also support you in various other research fields.
5) Is Rock your Thesis affiliated with any educational institutions?
Indeed, we are supported by the Entrepreneurial Talent Program of the University of St.Gallen and the Gateway Excellence Start-up Center at the University of Cologne.
6) Is Rock your Thesis compliant with my university?
Absolutely. We adhere to the highest academic standards, ensuring academic integrity and student growth. Our coaches provide education on methodologies, proofreading, feedback, and promote originality and decision-making skills.

About our coaching

7) What does our coaching include?
For detailed information on our coaching services, please refer to the 'What is included?' section in our website's navigation menu.
8) How does a typical coaching look like?
All coachings begin with a free initial call to assess your thesis's current status, challenges, and objectives. You are then matched with a suitable coach. We offer different coaching formats. Please refer to the 'What is included?' section in our website's navigation menu.
9) How quickly can I start coaching?
The free initial meeting can occur within 24 hours, and the first online coaching session within 48 hours.
10) When do the online coaching take place?
Our coaches are flexible, offering sessions weekdays from 7 am to 10 pm and also on weekends.

About our coaches

11) Who are the coaches on Rock your Thesis?
Our coaches are all pursuing or hold PhDs from top universities recognized in the Financial Times 50 ranking. They have experience supervising theses and are engaged in publishing research articles.
12) What criteria are used for selecting coaches?
Our rigorous selection process includes the following criteria: Pursuing or holding a PhD, studying at a top-tier university, supervising over 10 students, having published or submitted research papers, demonstrating a passion for teaching, and maintaining availability and flexibility.
13) How is my coach selected?
Your coach is matched based on your specific needs and requirements that we discuss in a free initial meeting. Our matching process considers the coach’s expertise in your field of study, their academic background, and teaching experience.

Access and registration

14) How do I start with my own coaching?
Start your coaching journey with us in three simple steps. Firstly, contact us for a free initial meeting via WhatsApp (+49 (151) 5900 8798)) or emailing us at Then, in this initial meeting, we'll evaluate your thesis status, schedule, challenges, and goals to match you with the perfect coach. Finally, embark on your goal-oriented coaching experience.

Fees and payment

15) What are the costs for using Rock your Thesis?
The cost of our coaching services is tailored to your selected package. For comprehensive pricing details, please refer to the 'Pricing' section in our website's navigation menu.
16) How are payments for coaching packages processed?
Following our free initial meeting, we will provide you with a personalized offer tailored to your specific needs. Payment can be conveniently made via bank transfer. To ease the financial commitment, the total cost of the selected package can be divided into manageable installments, allowing you to spread the expense over time instead of a one-time full payment.
17) What payment methods are accepted?
Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer, ensuring secure and direct transactions. Additionally, we accommodate various payment preferences, including PayPal and other commonly used payment platforms, to suit your convenience.

Troubleshooting and support

18) What should I do if I encounter technical issues?
For any technical difficulties, please contact our support team immediately through or via +49 (151) 5900 8798 (WhatsApp only).
19) How can I report a concern with my coach?
If you have any concerns with your coach, please report them through or via +49 (151) 5900 8798 (WhatsApp only). We take all feedback seriously and aim to resolve issues promptly.