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Dr. Linda Bandelow

Technical University of Munich

Postdoctoral Researcher

German, English


Mixed methods

> 85/h tutored


I am Linda and I did my doctorate in the field of innovation economics and transport accessibility at the Technical University of Munich until September 2023. I investigated whether accessibility to human capital, knowledge and goods affects regional innovation and entrepreneurship activity. entrepreneurship activity. In my studies of cognitive science and human-computer interaction (media informatics), I acquired a solid foundation in research methods, statistics, (experimental) studies and scientific writing. During my studies, I was also able to gain experience in innovation management in a startup and at the BMW Group. Through my stays abroad at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the I├łSEG in Paris and the Esade in Barcelona, I was able to get to know studying and researching at various institutes.

Academic track record

PhD at Technical University of Munich ÔÇô Dissertation in Entrepreneurship

The Role of Congestion - impacted Accessibilities for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Master of Science at LMU Munich - Master in Human-Computer-Interaction

Innovation Management: Effects of Prototype Fidelity on the Success of App Development

Bachelor of Science at Universit├Ąt T├╝bingen

Multimodal Grounding of Mental Rotation Mechanisms

Top publications

Location-based accessibility and innovation performance.

EARIE 2022 Vienna /R&R in Journal of Regional Science

Location choice of entrepreneurs and the role of transport accessibility.

DRUID 2023 Conference Proceedings

The role of location -based accessibility for the effectiveness of startup subsidies.

EARIE 2023 Rome

Skills and focus areas

InnovationEntrepreneurshipEconomicsInformation SystemsPatentsTechnology Trends / InnovationRegression AnalysisDifference-in-Differences AnaylsisCEMQualitative Content Analysis by Mayring